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Unknown Species
Marco Bleeker came up with the idea of including an "unknown species"- list on this web-site and I've decided to give it a try. The idea is to have a place open to all. A place where you can put your "unknown-species"-photos on display - and hope that someone somewhere out there will recognize them and give you some help. Hit the "???" at the end of the alphabetic list in the navigation window in the upper left corner to go to the "Unknown Species" - list.

Nothing comes free!
I've have written a script that will automatically set up the "Unknown species"-pages for you on the basis of some variables. But as this web-site is maintained in my spare time I won't be able to do all the work myself. - If you want to include some of your pictures, you have to send me a list by e-mail according to the guide-lines below. You also need to have some internet-space of your own (most internet-accounts come with 1-4 MB on the server for your personal homepage/files) to store images and description files (see below).

It may be a good idea to print out this page now before I get too technical. (Click somewhere in this frame and hit the print-button.)

For each image  I'll  need a text line in the following format:

<a href=javascript:loadUnknown('g','r','p','b','d','im','e')>r</a><br>
Copy the line to your text editor or click here and copy the line directly to the e-mail window and replace the variable letters as follows: (If you place the cursor over one of the link in the list-frame to the left you'll be able to se the link-code in the statusbar at the bottom of your browser - maybe this will help you if you have trouble in understanding the above!?)

Remember to put single quotes ' ' around each input and replace empty  spaces with underscore _ inside the parentheses ( ) - and remember to also put the reference name (r) without single quotes at the end of the text line (this is the part showing up in the list as your link).

Don't expect miracles: Help the experts in helping you by providing as many information in the description file as possible and by only showing well lit images displaying most of the characteristics of the mushroom.
In the description file keep the html-tags as simple as possible. You can set it up as a simple text file only using <html><body> at the top and </body></html> at the bottom and <p> at the beginning of each paragraph.

Maintaining the "Unknown Species"-list.
I'll collect your e-mail lists as you send them to me updating this list as frequent as my spare time permit.
If  you get a name for your unknown species please let me know and I'll take them of this list and move them to the species-list. Likewise remember to notify my if you're going to move or close the internet-account where you hold your images!
As the list grows I may have to cleanup elder unsolved image links. I'll notify you if I do so.

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Flemming V. Larsen