Fungi Images on the Net  
Flemming V. Larsen.
About this homepage
I first developed these pages for my own use, to have a supplement to the  illustrations in my mushroom-books.  Although, I have to admit, that my idea hasn't been fulfilled (most of the images I've found on the net is showing the same species as in the books - or comes from exotic places, showing species I can't expect to find here i Denmark), the project grew as I went on with it - now just for the fun of it and for the beauty and variety of the many images. So I finally decided to put it on the internet for everybody to use in whatever way they like.
This is a non-commercial hobby-project and I will only be updating the list as  frequently as my spare time permits.

About Identification and the Use of Names
For the time being, I haven't got time to evaluate and check all the images. So I can't guarantee for the photographic quality or the proper identification. And due to the many different sources of these images, from scientific web-reports to amateur mushroom hunters - I neither can't guarantee the use of the correct species-names. Around the world there seems to be different opinion about the right  use of genus and subgenus (e.g. Entoloma, Rhodophyllus and Nolanea). I'll normally places these species under only one genus name (Entoloma). If anyone know of an official and up to date online fungi taxonomy, that you think I should follow please let me know

About Me
I'm a schoolteacher and a multimedia- and web-designer. My interest for mushrooms started back in 1983. Although  I'm a board member of  the local  Mycological Society in Eastern Jutland and have a diploma from the Danish Mycological Society, I don't consider myself a mycological expert - just a gifted amateur.
Beside this homepage I'm also maintaining my own homepage describing the nature and the mushrooms in Eastern Jutland at It's all written in danish, so there might not be anything for those of you who doesn't speak the language, sorry. But if you're interested in knowing what kind of mushroom to find in Eastern Jutland (mainly in the coastal beech forest "Marselisborg skovene" near Aarhus) you can have a l