Fungi Images on the Net ver. 2 
Flemming V. Larsen.
There is a lot of beautiful and valuable mushroom images on the Internet. The problem is that they are spread on many different homepages. Normally I would use a search engine like Excite or Altavista. But it often takes a long time to get to where I want. So I came up with this "crazy" idea to make a link page to all the mushroom images on the net.
And here it is: - Still growing. Now with direct links to more than 1500 images

What's New (updated 10.sept. 1999)
Too busy working so I haven't got much time lately to look over these pages. I guess there might be some broken links here and there- some people moves a lot around and changes ISP's. If you find a broken link or if you're linked her and move your images , please send me a mail - and might get time tocorrect the references.

MycoKey ( ) is up and running. Have a look at this great synoptic key to fungi genera - You also find a hundreds of great fungi images (not included on this site) there.

! Important Notice !
The images on these pages are linked directly from their origin-URL and all Copyrights are owned by the photographers. Credits to all of you. Pay a visit to their homepages to learn more.

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Flemming V. Larsen